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Bigger Dating Pool = better options

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I’m OK with online dating. I met my ex that way and although the marriage did not work out in the end, meeting online was not a factor in the demise. It was a way for me to meet a lot of new people here in Florida when I first moved down and did not know much of anyone outside of work. I actually met a LOT of great guys. I just picked the wrong one to marry ;) I’m not the first girl in the world to make that kind of mistake.

I was surprised at how many professional guys were out there looking to meet someone outside of a bar setting. In our society, there just aren’t many other options. People don’t go to barn dances and supper clubs anymore.

Initial contact is hard to make in a world where most adults are holding down busy jobs. Who wants to hang out in a bar and hope you meet the right person in a beer-soaked room full of people talking too loud? More often than not, people are not in bars to find a long-term connection anyway. You have to find a different way to connect with like-minded people.

I’ve joined a variety of dating sites since I divorced. In all actuality, I’m not ready to start dating, but I do like the friendships I’ve made. One thing is always the same when I am looking for a social site. I do not believe anyone should have to pay a lot to meet another person online. There are just too many great, free and low cost sites. Of course, you want to do your homework and use one of the better sites that have some privacy settings in place and a variety of people in your area signed up and ready to go. is probably the biggest dating network out there. It’s free to join, but there are small fees involved in contacting people. Either way, you can still look around risk free to make sure what you want is out there waiting for you! They have more support features than most dating sites, including a newsletter, profile assistance and access to dating advisors. The biggest draw might simply be the fact that their membership is massive. When it comes to finding the perfect date in a crowd of people, the bigger crowds are going to yield more results. They say there are plenty of fish in the sea. Might as well find the biggest sea. ;)

Can You Really Have a Perfect Golf Swing?

I have cousins who are golfers. They are very good. I’ve gone out on the links with them before, but it does not take long before it is painfully obvious that my forte is more along the lines of putt-putt. I just haven’t had the practice or the proper instructions.

The last time I went golfing was actually with friends up North during one of my vacations. It was a situation where I was very happy to go the activities that they like to do on an average weekend. Plus, they paid for the greens fees. My friend’s husband was patient enough to work with me on my golf swing, but what works for him did not really work for me. I had a blast, but my score was nothing to write home about. Actually, it was more something you want to burn quickly. ;)

According to Jim Clark, a Physical Therapist, there is actually a method to achieving a perfect golf swing. He has used his knowledge related to Kinesiology (analysis of body movement) to puzzle it out to a science. If you understand the precise movements of the neck, arms, trunk, hips, knees, and ankles anyone can perfect their swing.

For example, if you understand that there are maximum limits joints are can move, you can avoid over-swinging.

My theory is that if I am going to learn, I want to learn it right from the very beginning. Clark’s instructional tools have a money back guarantee and that kind of low-risk deal appeals to me.

Team Dancing

In an earlier post today, I talked about how Gigi is showing interest in both ballet and cheerleading. Being me, I immediately started mentally listing all of the things I will need to buy to get her set up for the dance classes. She will need very particular dance outfits depending on which I school I use for her lessons. Pee wee cheerleading also comes with a laundry list of items I need to buy for both her wardrobe and practice.

I just cannot stomach going out and buying everything in one fell swoop. I’m the type of person who makes a list and then shops around to find the best price for the best quality of each thing I need to purchase.

Anyway, that’s not really even what I wanted to blog about! I’ve been having some reservations about the whole cheerleading thing, so I’ve looking for alternative. I know Gigi wants to learn ballet, but her interest in cheerleading is due to the high energy level and the team dance style. There is a program out in the Midwest called Just for Kix (they are also a dancewear company). They have team dancing lessons, but I get the impression they aren’t specifically doing cheer for a sports team, as much as focusing on the issue of team dance. I want to find a similar program in my area, because while Gigi is this young, I’m not really all that interested in having to attend pee wee football games as much as just getting her involved in dance.

Taking the Plunge

Tonight Gigi jumped off the diving board at the pool for the first time. She stood at the end of the board, shivering, crying, and pleading with her instructor that she could not do it. I stood nearby, encouraging her to try. Her instructor reached up and encouraged her as well.

All of the sudden, SPLASH, she jumped in and plunged deep under the water.

When she came up she was laughing and shouting, “Again! Again!” I guess her fears weren’t ultimately realized.

The only thing I regret is that Thursdays are the nights her father spends with her for a few hours and he was supposed to be at her lesson. Usually, he takes her on Thursdays, but he called me to tell me he would be late and could I take her, that he would meet us there. He never showed up. She is at dinner with him now, but he missed a HUGE event in her life. She was thrilled to tell him all about it, but sad that he had not seen it.

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