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I’m not talking about the kind of compulsive labeling some people do in their kitchens. I don’t do that. I label files for my filing cabinet. I label the plastic storage bins out in the garage. Unfortunately, I did not label about 10 years worth of VHS tapes. That’s a mess to talk about some other time. You see, I’m not much of a label person.

However, my daughter is beginning kindergarten this fall! I can hardly believe it. She learned a lot in pre-kindergarten (a Florida thing) and she is ready to read. I know that some kids can read by her age. In fact, I was reading by her age. She just hasn’t been ready yet.

So, these two weeks that she is at her dad’s house for his summer block of time with her, I am labeling everything. I started with labeling the dresser drawers with the word for what goes in each drawer (shirts, pants, socks, etc.) and beside it I put a picture of the item. So, she has the word, a picture and the actual items.

I’ll move onto other mundane things like doors and beds and her bike. She needs to see those words on the items, to engage her mind and get her ready to mentally file away sight words (words we learn to take in mentally in one chunk, rather than sounding them out).

So, that’s my current project. Wish me luck as I turn the entire house into one big kindergarten classroom.

Some examples:

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