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Gymboree Outlet Stores

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I had never been to one of the Gymboree outlet stores until we went today to the location at the Leesburg Corners outlet mall. So, I really had no idea what the Gymboree outlets were all about. I guess I assumed they would simply have older lines comprised of surplus pieces. I assumed the prices woud be lower.

For the most part, I was wrong. The lines are older, though. In fact, the girl working there told me they are exactly one year behind the retail stores when it comes to which lines they carry. However, the clothing is not surplus or extra. The company actually keeps making the year-old lines for the outlet stores, complete with a unique label system. They even sometimes change the pieces a little, perhaps offering a different color t-shirt to go with a line, for example.

I found the clothing pretty close to the retail end in pricing. I was specifically looking for bike shorts for my daughter to wear under her dresses for kindergarten this fall. I thought they would be up to their eyeballs in bike shorts, since at the retail stores the bike shorts in any given line are usually still there in gobs when the line goes to markdown. They only had three colors of bike shorts today.┬áThe clerk said the company just doesn’t send them many, ever.

Overall, I prefer the prices on the current lines in the retail stores — in the back of the stores on the markdown racks.

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Comment by Jenn Subscribed to comments via email
2008-06-26 21:24:56

I agree. I wasn’t impressed with the Gymboree outlet store I went to here in Oregon, either. The prices weren’t any better than the sale prices at the retail shops, and they didn’t have the selection I anticipated. Plus, the store just looked dowdy and rumbled. The tags showed the “markdown” from original or retail but it wasn’t a great deal. The “markdown” and the disheveled store are probably both some kind of marketing so shoppers will think they’re getting a special deal, whether they are or not. :-p
Other outlet stores can be better though, I guess it depends on the franchise or particular store.

Comment by Colleen
2008-06-27 19:17:34

Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you feeling ok? You’re usually such a fantastic writer / speller and I counted 4 or 5 typos. Seriously, do you feel ok? You’re picky about that kind of thing like I am!

Comment by Angie
2008-06-29 11:17:03

Just out of my element, I guess. I’m at my dad’s and using his wife’s laptop. Funny how just the feel of the keys being different kind of throws me off.

Thanks for the heads up on the typos. I will go in and fix those. I DO hate to see them. :)

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