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Car Insurance Blues

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I have a letter in front of my from my car insurance agent asking me to give her a call about some additional information she needs for my upcoming renewal. I keep putting it off, because once January rolls around I am going to be switching carriers. I would have already switched, but Florida keeps changing up their laws on PIP (personal injury) coverage and other insurance companies are unable to quote me accurately until then.

My current insurance carrier took off the PIP when the FL law said we no longer had to carry it, but they reabsorbed the costs into other aspects of my premium. Now that FL says we have to put PIP back on our policies, they are simply raising my premium, rather than putting it back to what it was before they removed the PIP and did not lower my rate. The PIP changes were a headache for those of us using car insurance and a windfall for the carriers. It just gave them the opportunity to raise rates. Add

Add to that the fact that even though I have been on the phone with customer service twice before about having my ex husband’s name and car accidents removed from this policy now that he is not on it, they have apparently failed to have done so thus far.

So, I am not staying with them, mostly on principle. That is unfortunate for them, since now that I am on my own again, I am looking for both home insurance and life insurance policies. I will initially look for one carrier for all of my insurance needs, but I am pretty sure it will not be this carrier I am using for auto currently.

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Comment by Lisa Subscribed to comments via email
2007-12-06 22:26:32

Make sure you check out progressive for your auto insurance. We just changed to them due to the premium being $300 less every 6 months.

Comment by Angie
2007-12-07 00:58:49

They were — get this — 4x as expensive as my current insurance. I called Progressive today. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

I do need to take $$ out of savings, pay off the van, and get my ex of the title. That will probably help.

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