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I followed up on my desire to go to the nursery and pick up some new stuff for the yard. I just love that we have planting season all year around in Florida.

First of all, I got some hot pink petunias to add some color to the front flower beds. The look so delicate and soft, but they are some of the best flowers you can get for sunny spots in the yard.

I also got a red maple to put in the front yard. We had our big tree removed from out front last year and I can definitely tell a difference in the lack of shade for the front rooms of the house. The tree we removed was long past due, since the Carrotwood is technically a bush that overgrows and is officially on the list of nuisance trees in Florida. The red maple will grow quickly in our climate and provide a lot of shade. Plus, although it is deciduous and will lose leaves, it will never be 100% bare here.

I also got a variety of Red Oak for the side yard. And, I picked up a Blood Orange tree and a Naval Orange Tree. They’ll be a nice addition to the two lemon trees and the star fruit tree.

Last, I got some roses for the flower bed outside the kitchen window around back. They are just barely pink, kind of a tinted white. It will be fun for Gigi to learn to prune them as they grow.

As soon as the sun gets a little lower and things cool off, I am going to go dig some holes.

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