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As an educator, I have to say that plagiarism has become harder to chase down in the age of the internet. Students have access to a vast variety of research materials at the tip of their fingers. While all of this information is a blessing, it puts more temptation in the hands of the students. You have to teach your students why plagiarism is wrong, but you also have to show them how to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Sometimes we read something and think we are merely feeling inspired, only to carry over entire concepts, ideas and opinions into our reports and essays. You have to be careful to keep the ideas your own.

I am not a fan of students purchasing term papers in order to turn them in wholesale, but I find it interesting to examine the motivation of people who purchase term papers written by companies and other people. Do they intend to provide the background research and ideas? Perhaps a student pays someone for what is essentially technical assistance. Is that OK? Is it any more than some tutors will provide? I suppose that would be best addressed on a situation by situation basis. It feels like a potentially gray area, although educators are expected to issue judgment on a black and white basis.

Sites like write custom term papers and appear to attract a large number of clients. We can assume that their services are widely used. Do students turn these papers in “as is”, or do they use them as launching pads? My guess is that we may be seeing a little of both, and degrees in between. I think it’s a topic worth discussing more in the future after I have talked to a couple of people who have used such services.

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Comment by Jenn Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-19 02:31:29

You’re kidding, right?!
If your internal jury is still out on
this one, it’s time to declare a mistrial! ;)

Comment by Angie
2007-09-19 03:07:07

So how do we judge students who have a tutor for their classes who “assists” them with a term paper? It happens all of the time, but gets overlooked.

There are services you can sign up for to determine if a paper shows patterns that put up a red flag or even take text outright from other sources, but if whoever is writing the paper uses a similar software program, even a purchased paper becomes virtually undetectable. It’s a frustrating frontier.

Comment by sevin Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-29 00:31:18

iNEVER PLAGIARIZE FROM ESSAY WRITING SERVICES. I USE THEM AS HELP. I THINK IT IS USEFUL, JUST TO GET IDEAS. BUT THIS MAY HAPPEN TO YOU: is the worst place to buy essays and paper works, more openly it is a total scam. Nowadays it is literally impossible to get good service and quality work. All you get is promises, and get ripped off, and more importatly you fail your course if you rely on these people.
i ordered an essay at, and first of all after i paid with my credit card, i received an email receipt that the order was all paid and going to get done in time. So i relied on these scammers for my course so that i would not fail. And guess what when my deadline was up, there was no assignment done. And guess why, because they told me my money transaction was not complete. Nobody ever let me know in any way, no email-no phone calls..
Then i process the payment again, giving them 2 weeks deadline. Guess what this time they typed exactly what was on my textbook. What is my professor supposed to give me!! A zero. Is that what people call quality work?? Then i ask for a what is supposed to be “free revision” (unlimited too). I sent several emails about that, explaining what was missin,. after i read their poor quality work. They say they never received ANY of my emails. Not the support team, not the WRITER..
Then i had to spend 170$ to extend my course deadline with my university. Then they promised me it will get done in time, and according to my instructions (by the way they were the same instructions that i sent the first time, since it was not done).
When it was the time for deadline, the revised assignment was not there!! I ask where is my assignment, it is urgent.. They tell me i have to pay for it, since i asked for it after 2 weeks from receiving my assignment.. Then i was promised again it was going to get done,Actually someone called me on my phone to tell me that..but after 3 days after i inquired where my assignment was, they told me the writer was working very hard on my assigment and needed more time. After three more days i was told that the writer refused to revise the assignment, and i was told i had to pay for this revision, if i still want it get done..And you know what they did not even refund any money!!
eventually i failed my course because i did not make it for my deadline..
Now can someone still tell me that these people do a quality job and are professionals. If you think what happened to me is a result of professional work, please go and rely on these people for your valued time, and hard earned money!!
If you had the same experience, contact me so we help close this website, and make sure the responsible people never get into doing something like this again.. This will be a great service to our community..

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