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How We Use Water

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Water conservation is a serious issue. Clean drinking water should be our absolute first concern when it comes to deciding how to use water resources.

Nonetheless, a 70-year-old woman in Orem, Utah was arrested after being charged with failing to maintain her landscaping.

A state investigation found that the arresting officer acted properly in arresting Perry after trying to get her to cooperate. I’d have been a little miffed too, if an officer came to try to force me to water my lawn.

I’ve blogged often in the past about how the lawn of my prior home was the brownest in the neighborhood. It was in OK shape, but not lush and vivid green like everyone else’s. Why? I adhered to the once weekly watering restrictions set forth by the county. I obeyed the law and the lawn got a tad thirsty. Everyone else watered about every other day.

The woman in Utah had her water turned off for about nine months, at her request.

It seems to me that if she wanted to live without water and her conditions were sanitary, so be it. Water has become a precious commodity, especially in hotter months. Who are we to force people to waste it on something ornamental, like a lawn?

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Comment by Pfunk Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-19 16:49:55

This stymies me.
It’s crazy to think that someone can be arrested for NOT watering their lawn when water is being rationed like sugar back in WW II.

I don’t get it.

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