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Let the Sun Shine Through New Windows

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One thing that I see as an international pursuit is home improvement. We’re all out to undertake projects that better our home and surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own or share a place with someone else. We all seem to be in a constant endeavor to make our homes more comfortable. I’ve mentioned before in my blog that I have home improvements underway to update the bathrooms and kitchen. I also want to replace the windows and add a porch to the front of the house. Sure, it will all add to the value of the house, but it will also make things more comfortable.

I like the style of windows we currently have, at least when it comes to safety. You have to wind a lever and the sections of glass open up and out. Someone would be hard pressed to break in through one of our windows. But, I’m not as pleased with their insulation properties. Most new windows use double glazing and trap a layer of air between panes of glass. It’s the best way to make sure you are not losing heated or cooled air through your windows. For purposes of lower utility bills, I am looking into all new windows for the beginning of the coming year. The cost of energy just keeps rising and it doesn’t look like there is an end in site. The best we can do is to make changes in our lives to conserve and spend less.

I’ve been get pretty exciting about the idea of putting some tilt & Turn windows in for the back sunroom. I saw a good description of the windows over on the Anglian website and they look perfect for maximizing our view of the star fruit and lemon trees. Plus, they’d be a cinch to clean. I keep thinking of the old sit-com where the maid would typically say, “I don’t do windows.” I can see why. Getting outside in the yard to clean the outside of a window seems like such an undertaking. If I can clean them on both sides from the comfort of my sunroom; all the better.

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