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How do you kick salt?

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I think I have a salt habit. Seriously. I’m not just being ironic, though I can see how it may sound that way. I have always liked my salt, but lately I’ve been compulsively craving salty snacks and chinese food and other foods that are only serving to make me retain water and have higher blood pressure. Right now I feel like I could drink a pool full of water and I know it’s absolutely my own fault for eat all those Honey BBQ Fritos. Ick. If I could go back in time, right?

Anyone ever hear of a particular condition that causes such salt cravings?

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Comment by Karen
2007-04-04 10:21:49

I never thought of it as an addiction! I am addicted to salt. More than sugar even.

Comment by Melissa
2007-04-04 13:16:02

Pregnancy does :) I really crave salty foods when I’m pregnant!

Comment by Lisa
2007-04-04 16:54:31

Doesn’t diabetes do that? Or is that sugar?

Comment by astrother
2007-04-04 22:07:25

Well, I can rule out pregnancy. My ex-husband left over a year ago and I’ve been quite celebate since. Of course, a miracle pregnancy would be cool. I do actually want a 2nd child :)

I think diabetes is just sugar, you know the whole insulin regulation issue and sugar as a trigger. But, if salt is also a sign, I maybe should be checked. I do have PCOS and part of that is a sort of insulin resistance problem.

I have an appt with my old doc (who finally started taking BCBS again) and I need to make a note to ask her.

Comment by Drew
2007-04-06 07:54:04

I am diabetic (Type 2) and I don’t crave salt. I love it and enjoy it but don’t crave it. I tried the 6 week body makeover and it basically has you remove the bulk of your salt intake. That didn’t last too long for them though. I love my salt. But when I see someone who uses it more than me I wonder why they are using so much salt. Weird.

Comment by Pfunk
2007-06-12 14:20:39

You know, you could be lacking in a mineral.
Have you ever noticed how some people just have to chew on ice? It’s a mineral deficiency. I believe it’s iron. Mind you, there are trace minerals in water, but still it’s been proven in clinical studies.
Maybe you’re lacking something that causes that craving.
In the meantime, why not try to really jazz your food up with herbs and use acids to try to wean yourself off of the salt.
We hardly use salt in our cooking and I find that most restaurants use way too much salt in their seasoning.
Hmm. We are polar opposites in that regard, sister….

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